S 9000

The best static, possibility to build large structures without the necessity to mount crossbars (1200 x 2550 mm - single-sash window; 1800 x 2550 mm - double-sash window, with a warranty!), glazing with the STV technology, staining profiles with the use of acrylcolor technology – these are just some of unusual features of the S 9000 system.

STV - Innovative technology of gluing windows

3 - gasket system
6 - chamber structure
  • B class profile,
  • 6-chamber profile construction,
  • building depth 82,5 mm,
  • in standard steel closed in the frame,
  • 3-gasket system,
  • possibility to create windows and doors,
  • V-Perfect weld in standard,
  • possibility to use moveable post,
  • maximum dimensions of the structure: 1200 x 2550 mm (single-sash window), 1800 x 2550 mm (double-sash window - with a warranty),
  • aluminium handle in standard,
  • glazing with STV technology only in windows,
  • glazing with 26-54 mm packages (glazing with STV technology),
  • glazing with 23-52 mm packages (traditional glazing)),
  • in standard glass package 48 mm 4/18/4/18/4*,
  • in standard 6 anti-burglary points per window sash,
  • possibility to stain profiles’ surface with acrylcolor technology**.

*Standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

**Colour only from the outside, from the inside profiles remains white.

The safety of windows made with the S 9000 systems is provided by the fitting. In standard the system is equipped with Maco Multi-Matic fitting which is supplemented with six anti-burglary points per window sash (window RU with a minimal dimension 1000x1100 mm). As one of few manufacturers, all tilt and turn windows’ fittings are completed in a blockage of the incorrect position of the handle. It is integrated with the wing lift.

Optionally, the fitting can be supplemented with additional anti-burglary points/grapples, handles with a key, handles with a button, reed switch or alarm loop in the glass.

It’s worth noting that the window safety is strongly influenced by the technology of dry gluing (STV). Balancing the glass is very difficult.

The number of clients who are looking for energy-saving joinery, which will keep the heat inside the building in winter, will prevent the rooms from heating up in the summer, constantly increases. The perfect solution seems to be joinery based on S 9000 system.

It creates great opportunities. Building depth allows to install glass packages with a width of even 54 mm (STV glazing) or 52 mm (traditional glazing). We offer our clients warm glazing package with a width of 48 mm (4/18/4/18/4) in standard. For those who value high thermal insulation properties, we recommend to further equip windows with a wider, even four-glass package, as well as a warm spacer bar. Window prepared in that way without any doubts gains heat transfer coefficient required for windows used in passive construction.

Windows very often become the decoration of the façade or the interior of the building. We give our clients several options thanks to which they will be able to make the window unique. 

The basic proposition is choosing the colour and structure of the veneer. We have a wide range of colours and today’s technology allow to veneer one-ide, two-side or in duo-colour technology.

We also recommend acrylcolor staining. This is an innovative technology thanks to which we obtain not only unusual colour of the joinery but above all, this colour will keep its appearance for many years. In this case, the PVC is combined with coloured acrylic glass, which creates inseparable bond. Colour obtained in that way doesn’t get old and doesn’t chip off. Profiles stained with the use of acrylcolor are also much more resistant for damages, scrapings, and easier in everyday care. For our clients we offer a dozen of colours that profiles can be stained with.

However, colour is not all. Already in standard windows made on S 9000 system are welded with the use of V-Perfect technology. Thanks to this we give our clients precisely made joinery because connections are made without a flow of excess screed. Window corners gain an extremely aesthetic appearance. The place of joining profiles becomes practically invisible, and the window is perfectly clean on the inside.

Colourful windows for life? It is possible! All thanks to an innovative acrylcolor technology of staining profiles. Already at the stage of production of window profiles they are combined with the liquid acrylic glass in an inseparable way. They create uniform surface. It is worth mentioning that acrylic glass is the most durable material in the world. The surface reflects the sun rays and doesn’t peel, doesn’t require maintenance and the colour of a profile doesn’t change even after several years.

Our offer includes more than a dozen of colour which S 9000 profiles can be stained. Nevertheless, profiles are stained unilaterally. The chosen colour is visible only from the outside. From the inside window or door remain white.

Another innovative technology used in the production of joinery based on S 9000 system is dry gluing STV technology. In that case, the glass is glued to the upstand of the window sash. Thanks to the STV technology sashes up to 2,5 m can be glazed without using any crossbars. This technology improves statics. In addition, it makes the joinery acquires excellent thermal insulation properties. It’s worth underlining that if necessary, it is very simple to change the window glass. All that need to be done is cut out the old one and paste the new one window pane. In standard window sashes are glazed with the use of STV technology.