Easy Slide

An economic system that can successfully substitute traditional windows. A sliding system enables you to save space indoors. Recommended for smaller sliding doors.

1.44 Uw for Ug=0.7 (warm edge)
1-2 - number of tracks
  • installation depth: 60 mm,
  • glazing with glass packages of 4 to 19 mm width,
  • standard glazing package 4/10Ar/4th [Ug=1,4]*,
  • max. weight of the active leaf: 60 kg
  • number of guiding rails: 1 or 2,
  • duo-colour veneering,
  • simple sliding function,
  • brush gaskets at the leaf-frame interface and between leafs.

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Easy Slide system enables us to provide doors that can successfully substitute traditional windows. The door can slide on one or two guiding rails. Glazing with glass packages up to 19 mm thick allows for installation of double-pane packages, improving thermal insulation properties. Even though the system has been reinforced with steel elements, bear in mind that the maximum load per leaf is 60 kg.

You can change the colour of the door to provide it with an interesting look. Duo Slide sliding doors come in any colour from Aluplast palette. The profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula: two different colours on the inner and outer side.

Duo Slide door leafs move along one or two guiding rails. The running trucks are equipped with high quality levelling pads for PVC systems, side supports, and truck roller supports. These elements ensure long service life of the trucks and prevent the system from blocking.

Joinery, especially sliding doors, is becoming a very common decorative element. There are multiple ways to make it extraordinary, improving the appearance of the interior and the whole building. Here are some solutions we offer to our customers.

Selection of the veneer colour and structure is essential. We offer a wide variety of colours. Thanks to modern technology, the profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula.

If you want to provide effective thermal insulation, we recommend using a two-chamber glass package and an insulation spacer. These two elements affect the heat transfer coefficient of the whole structure.

There are three broadening options available – 15, 60, and 130 mm. We offer external window sills of 105 and 150 mm width.

Equipping sliding doors with ventilators provides continuous airflow. We recommend a pane-mounted Renson ventilator in this case.

Handles with a lock ensure your safety when using Duo Slide doors.

Duo Slide sliding doors move according to one of two schemes.

  • Scheme A: the system consists of two leafs, including one sliding leaf.
  • Scheme D: the system consists of two leafs, both sliding.