Ideal 70

The system is distinguished for its many advanced design features, enabling simple and economic manufacturing and installation. The IDEAL 70 a considerable degree advanced design will definitely prove its outstanding features, allowing the system to stride current trends and potential future requirements of UK Building Regulations.

2 - gasket system
5 - chamber structure
  • the 5 chamber structure of the main profiles
  • a perfect solution for both windows opening outwards and inwards with the internal glazing
  • fused gaskets allow faster and efficient installation, eliminating the problem of gasket shrinking
  • a wide range of glazing options between 10 mm to 40 mm
  • compatible with the entire Aluplast range of products
  • an extensive array of ancillary extension and connector profiles.
The bead shape mirrors the shape of the upstand to the glazing rebate to provide a beautiful balanced appearance with identical sightlines. The finished window looks identical viewed from inside or outside; simply stunning! 28 mm or 24 mm glazing options While 28 mm high performance double glazed sealed units have become the performance standard in the domestic sector, IDEAL 70 recognises the need for the option of 24 mm glazing depth to meet a wider range of window and door specifications for other market sectors. Glazing beads for both 28 mm and 24 mm sealed units both offer a fully sculptured appearance that perfectly complements the sculptured profile detail. Triple glazing can easily be produced utilizing our 36 40 mm glazing beads.

IDEAL 70’s co-extruded gaskets eliminate the need for the time consuming application of weatherseals and gaskets to frames and sashes following the welding process as part of fabrication. The time saved will provide an increase in fabrication efficiency in the region of 15%. Using IDEAL 70 with its coextruded gaskets will also enable the fabricator to reduce stockholding. IDEAL 70 gaskets provide outstanding weather performance and complement the profiles’ elegant sightlines. Co-extruded gaskets eliminate “the shrinking back” effect typical of old gasket systems and therefore prevent any gaps in corners. IDEAL 70 windows and doors are also easier to fit and cleaner to glaze as the co-extruded gaskets eliminate the need for messy lubricants.

The IDEAL 70 system provides for easy and cost effective fabrication of the following product types:

  • Outward opening Casement Windows
  • Inward opening Tilt windows
  • Inward opening Turn windows
  • French Window or Double Casement Windows inward or outward opening
  • French or Double Doors – inward or outward opening

The safe system of bolts to suit all your needs – starting with the standard windows and windows with a movelable mullion or even windows that open outwards. The fittings in our offer are perfect for French casement windows. They are available with croppable and non-croppable baskets 20 or 22 mm long as well as mushrooms 7.7 - 9.0 mm high. The fittings in our offer are provided by the renowned suppliers and they are a solution that guaratees the safety of the owners and premises alike.

Simple and easy

Windows fitted with the MACH II shootbolt espagnolette are simple and easy to operate. The smooth operation is achieved by the use of adjustable mushroom cams to close the window. The end shooltbolts are passive and only come into contact with the shootbolt strike when the window is attacked.

Striker plates

All MACO striker plates incorporate a night vent position to allow airflow into occupied rooms. For security reasons it is not recommended that windows are left in the night vent position when the house is unoccupied. A slimline striker plate design results in optically pleasing sight lines when the window is open.