Energy efficient sliding door system. Enables you to create large glazed structures while maintaining excellent thermal insulation. Available in three versions: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The only HST system allowing you to install Aluskin aluminium covers.

1.09 - Uw
A - Aluclad

1-2 - number of tracks
  • installation depth: 197 mm,
  • max. weight of the active leaf: 400 kg
  • number of guiding rails: 1 or 2,
  • max. leaf dimensions: 3 x 2.5 m
  • max. structure dimensions: 6700 x 2700 mm (white structures)*,
  • max. structure dimensions: 6700 x 2500 mm (coloured structures)*,
  • glazing with glass packages of 20 to 51 mm width,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4one [Ug=1,0]**,
  • aluminium guiding rails,
  • integrated gaskets system,
  • two anti-burglary bolts as standard,
  • aluminium reinforcement, rectangular sections,
  • a pane-mounted ventilator can be installed,
  • a motor-driven bolt lock can be installed,
  • multiple threshold available,
  • can be veneered on one side, two sides, and in a duo-colour formula.
  • aluminium covers can be used,
  • a low threshold can be installed,
  • recommended for energy efficient construction.

*Larger structures can be produced. Contact the Technology Department for production availability.

**Standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

HST 85 system enables you to produce large glazed lift and slide doors. The maximum width of the set is 6.7 m, while the dimensions of leafs can be 3 x 2.5 m each. Structures with two active leafs can be wider than 6.7 m as thresholds can be joined in this case.

Characterised by great functionality and good insulation parameters, they constitute an excellent solution for single-family housing. This type of doors may be an interesting alternative for traditional balcony or terrace doors.

The system gives you great design possibilities as it is available in several versions and arrangements of leafs and permanent elements. Such arrangements can be created thanks to hardware produced by G.U., a renowned German manufacturer. Even very large and heavy active leafs produced by G.U. move really smoothly. Durable running trucks, bolt locks, and handles enable significantly long service life of the system. Optimal anticorrosive protection of the hardware is provided by a special coating applied to all elements of the hardware.

HST 85 lift and slide doors move according to three schemes. What is more, a wide variety of system accessories enable you to combine them with other lift and slide doors and permanent glazing.

Low thresholds (48 and 24 mm) provide great comfort of use. They do not constitute an obstacle even for those in wheelchairs. The structure enables you to install three-pane glass packages, improving thermal insulation properties.

HST doors with profiles of 85 mm installation depth are available in the versions: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each version has different thermal insulation requirements.


You can select an aluminium threshold made of aluminium and PVC, an aluminium guiding rail, and enclosed steel rectangular reinforcement.


These doors can have a threshold made of aluminium and PVC with a thermal break. The leafs move along aluminium guiding rails. Aluminium enforcement with a thermal break is used.


A threshold made of GFK material filled with foam. GFK guiding rail. Aluminium enforcement with a thermal break is used.

Joinery is becoming a very common decorative element. There are multiple ways to make sliding doors extraordinary, improving the appearance of the interior and the whole building. Here are some solutions we offer to our customers.

Selection of the veneer colour and structure is essential. We offer a wide variety of colours of both smooth and woodgrain finish. Thanks to modern technology, the profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula. The sides of a door can be in different colours, allowing you to match them with the façade and the interior.

If you are looking for innovative solutions, we recommend Aluskin aluminium covers. HST 85 is the only lift and slide system among our products that can be used with these covers. Providing a finish typical for aluminium windows, the covers provide excellent insulation of PVC windows combined with extraordinary appearance of aluminium windows. Aluskins come in a wide variety of colours, unusual for PVC joinery as it includes the whole RAL palette. We offer a wide range of texture varnish as well.

HST sliding doors can be equipped with a variety of accessories so as to improve their safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

HS-Master drive guarantees exceptionally smooth operation, enabling the user to slide large structures effortlessly. The drive is quiet and can be used with PVC, aluminium, and wooden structures. You can control it using a switch on the wall, a remote controller, a push-and-go function activated by pushing the leaf, or the handle. Due to easy operation, HS-Master drive is recommended in particular for facilities intended for children, elderly, and persons with disabilities, such as hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, and nursery schools.

Thresholds (47 and 24 mm) provide great comfort of use and insulation. We offer aluminium thresholds and glass fibre thresholds with a thermal break. The latter are characterised by excellent thermal insulation and great air tightness.

Ventilators ensure continuous flow of fresh air into the room. We recommend Renson pane-mounted ventilators in particular for sliding doors. They are mounted between the pane and the frame, reducing the glazing area.

If the door is equipped with a motor-driven bolt lock, access control devices become available, such as numeric keypad or a fingerprint scanner. These practical and safe solutions prevent unauthorised persons from opening the door.

Lift and slide doors can be operated with single-sided (on the inside) and two-sided handles. Additionally, we recommend handles with a key. There are four broadening options available for HST 85 – 15, 35, 60, and 100 mm.

Insulating strips made of Purenit are optionally available. Purenit is manufactured by combining polyurethane foam with aluminium filings. Providing top insulation properties, it can be glued and joined with other materials despite its high resistance to chemicals. It is also resistant to high temperatures and cracking. It eliminates thermal bridges effectively.

HST 85 lift and slide doors move according to three schemes.

  • Scheme A: the system consists of two leafs, including one sliding leaf.
  • Scheme C: the system consists of four leafs, including two sliding leafs.
  • Scheme D: the system consists of two leafs, both sliding.