Tension springs

Due to the fact that our sectional garage doors  are made of the best components, our offer of sectional garage doors is the best solution on the market. Infinity Design garage doors supply every house with not only durability and safety, but also a wide range of accessories that make the sytem adaptable to any house.

Sectional doors from our offer can be equipped in a manual or automatic drive (Somfy engine) with an 800N or 1000N actuator. It is also possible to equip the gate in an emergency battery. The control is carried out by remote controls, a wireless code keypad or by using a drive with iO technology and the garage doors can be opened by the geolocalisation function. The structures should be equipped in protection in case of spring breakage. We also have a wide range of handles and rail handles. We equip our gates in an additional protection, which are devices protecting against the effects of spring breakage.

In our offer you will find garage doors available in many sizes that will satisfy our customers' needs. What is more, we offer finish options with a surface pressing of your choice and even more. We included in the offer a wide range of supplementary accessories such as automatic motors, glazing panels, service doors and ornaments (you will find details in the "Accessories" section).

Furthermore, you can go for an automatic motor (Somfy motors) or traditional manual one. Moreover, it is possible to integrate a garage door with the smart home system.

Technical specification:

  • Maximum width: 4m
  • Maximum height: 3m
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Minimum dimensions: reveals - 90 mm and a lintel - 115 mm
  • CE Certificate on the basis of the tests by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

We offer panels with:

  • a smooth surface,
  • Woodgrain.

Standard colors:

  • brown 8014
  • anthracite 7016
  • white 9016
  • silver 9006

Custom colors:

  • palette RAL
  • Veneers (smooth surface panels - CC SkaiCool Color technology): Paleta Aluplast i Salamnder

In our system of garage doors the weigh of panels is counterbalanced with eRSX tension springs installed along the vertical guide rails. The mechanism with a special structure is prominent due to its longer lifespan without a necessity to wind up springs. Sectional garage doors with this mechanism are easy to be installed and have a broad scope of application.

In production of garage doors we use components of the highest quality that are made of the best-quality galvanised steel. Each Infinity Design Premium garage door is equipped with the technology preventing fingers' crushing. We also use the so-called "spring-in-spring" technology, which improves significantly the lifespan of the mechanism and increases the lifting capacity of springs to 120 kg.

Infinity&Design Premium sectional garage doors are distinctive due to very good thermal insulation parametres. Their panels are constructed with two steel veneer sheets and a core made of polyurethane foam and this solution absolutely guarantees insulation at the highest level. Moreover, the thermal seals installed in guide rails prevent effectively the heat loss.

Finally, the panels are not only extremely warm. Their veneer sheets also have vapour-tight qualities and they provide the best protection against corrosion.

Sectional garage doors in our offer can be equipped with a manual motor or an automatic (Somfy motor) with an actuator 800N or 1000N. We may also equip a garage door with an emergency back-up battery if you wish. Photocells, a wireless keypad or an emergency unbolting system can be used to steer them. Besides we recommend to equip the structure with the security unit in case of breaking springs. We also offer you a wide range of door pulls and handles that will perfectly fit your house and enhace its design.

We highly recommend glazing panels to all those customers who want to bring more light into their garage interior and create a more personalised style. Our glazing panels can be made of acrylic, safety, anti-burglary, ballistic glass or polycarbonate. What is more, our glazing panel frames can be produced with the use of stainless steel what makes the products even more aesthetically attractive. Finally, the garage door panels can be decorated with chrome steel ornaments that will definitely increase their aesthetic value.

The structure of garage doors also enables installation of a temporary service door, which makes it easier to move around and reduces the usage of their opening mechanism.