A very convenient and energy efficient roller shutter system that improves the thermal and sound insulation levels, especially when winter heating is considered. For added convenience are the options of installing a roller insect screen and the use of Type C façade blind inserts.


Box shape

Box dimensions

Max. box width

Min. box width:









Square PVC

240 x 255 mm

 5000 mm  500 mm

Lamella shapes





C80 C80F

  • Guide rails: aluminium or PVC,
  • Fastening bolts,
  • Weather-resistant,
  • Sound-proof (liner in the box),
  • Thermal insulation (liner in the box),
  • Roller insect screen: optional, installed on the curtain inner side.

Grey roller insect screens are available for installation on the inside of the roller shutter curtain. The installation kit comprises double guide rails with brush seals for the curtain and the insect screen. The roller insect screen bottom bar features a brush seal. When rolled up, the roller insect screen is concealed within the box. The width and height of the integrated roller insect screen is restricted.

A special reinforcement bar is supplied for windows of widths over 1,500 mm.

Blind overall height (w/box) [mm]

Elite XT  C80F 
Powered Handoperated
Access recess 230 3500 3750
+"5418" 270 4500 4750

Elite XT   C80  
Powered Handoperated
Access recess 230 1750 2000
+"5418" 270 2500 2750