Ideal NordLine

An extremely characteristic system dedicated for the Scandinavian market. Windows, depending on one's needs, can open inwards or outwards. They are equipped with specific inner sills.

1.00 - Uw for Ug=0.7 (warm edge)
1.20 - Uw for Ug=1.0 (warm edge)

2 - gasket system
5 - chamber structure
  • a "B" class profile,
  • a frame width: 120 mm,
  • a sash width: 70 mm,
  • an inner sill,
  • a 5-chamber frame structure,
  • a 5-chamber sash structure,
  • the system of two gaskets,
  • a white core,
  • an optional concealed drainage,
  • possible glazing units wide up to 41 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • in our standard version: two anti-burglar latches per sash,
  • in our standard version: a blockage against handle displacement (for turn-tilt windows).

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

A distinctive feature of windows based on the NordLine system is the way of their opening. Windows, depending on one's needs, can open either inwards or outwards. The latter solution fits perfectly in the architecture style of the Scandinavian markets. Windows that open outwards are distinguished for their highest degree of tightness as wind pressing the sash also presses them and therefore the window becomes an excellent insulator. An additional value of this solution is certanily the saved space in the room.

In our standard version windows based on the NordLine system are equipped with two anti-burglar latches per sash. Furthermore, the basic element of the fittings are pins impeding break-ins with a compression adjustment and an inner compression lock. These hardware elements enable NordLine windows to show the upgraded burglary resistance class. We offer fittings that meet the requirements of the WK1 and WK2 classes.

Windows installed in buildings, which are particularly burglary-prone, we recommend to equip with safety or tempered glass.

In our standard version all turn-tilt windows are equipped with a blockage against handle misplacement as well as micro ventilation in the corner. The blockage against handle misplacement serves its function when the window is already open. It blocks a possibility of turning the handle and therefore the sash will not unhook from the upper hinge. In this way we will avoid a risk of the sash holding on the bottom hinge alone.

Window based on the NordLine system due to their width are characterised by good thermal insulation properties. They are available with a double-glazed unit in our standard version. In order to decrease the thermal transmittance coefficient Uw, the windows ought to be equipped with a triple-glazed unit. Additionally, we recommend warm edge spacers from our offer - they will improve insulation of the panes and also reduce the risk of the occurence of temporary water vapour condesation. Moreover, warm edge spacers are a guarantee of long-term tightness of the insulated panes.

In the windows there can also be installed handles with a keyinsect screens and other accessories. To investors who would like their windows to gain a little more elegant look we recommend to add muntins, especially because bars such as mullions and rails that are the standard fitting of windows in the NordLine system are characterised by their special decorative shape from the room side. In combination with muntins they will enhance a unique and elegant look of the whole interior.

For structural reasons, windows based on the NordLine system cannot be equipped with traditional air vents thereby glazed-on air vents are highly recommended. We certainly recommend the following models of the air vents: Renson THM 90 (for the 24 mm glazing unit) and Renson AR 75 (for the 36 mm glazing unit).

In buildings, where an alarm is installed, we recommend to equip windows with a pane with an alarm loop. It should be pointed out that an alarm loop will go off not only in case of breaking the pane, but even when there is only a little interference in its structure.