SK 45

This roller shutter system features a unique box with a 45-degree slope on the outside. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer a bold finish with sharp lines. These roller shutters are intended for direct wall mounting or, with a universal adapter, within the window recesses.

Shutter sections: Aluminium PU-foam filled sections, plastic sections, or extruded sections;

  • 39 mm
  • 52 mm,
  • 9 mm
  • 13 mm

Box form: sloped

Box design: aluminium sheet, size: 137x137, 150x150, 165x165, 180x180, or 205x205

with roller insect screen: 165x165, 180x180, or 205x205

Curtain type: aluminium or PVC

Access hatch: 1, on the window outside

Guide rails: aluminium

Installation anchor bolts: no

Weather-resistant: yes

Sound-proof: no

Thermal insulation: no

Drive: electric motor or manual gear

Roller insect screen: optional

Max. box width: 4500 mm
Min. box width: 500 mm
The width and height of the integrated roller insect screen is restricted.