The system was created primarily to improve the energy balance of the building. The main element of the system is a box made of high-quality insulating material - Styroterm, which has very good thermal properties.


Box shape

Box dimensions

Max. box width

Min. box width:










260 x 263,6 mm
305 x 310,6 mm

 6000 mm  580 mm

Lamella shapes





C80 C80F

  • box to fully build,
  • thermal insulation (in a box),
  • sound insulation (in a box),
  • revisions from inside or outside,
  • possibility of installing a mosquito net.
Mounting the box is extremely simple, because it consists of placing it directly on the window frame using a properly selected adaptive profile (by clicking or sliding in). Blinds are suitable for mounting on windows made of PVC, wood or aluminum.

Total height of the blinds (with box) [mm]

SKB  C80F 
engine manually
Work space 216 2750 3000
Work space 257 4000 4750
SKB C80  
engine manually
Work space 216 1500 1750
Work space 257 2250 2500
SKB Z90  
engine manually
No possibilities