EkoSun 7

An innovative system of energy efficient window profiles, designed for buildings that have particular energy efficiency requirements. Equipped with three gaskets, it provides perfect thermal insulation. Recommended for passive construction.

0.79 - Uw for Ug=0.5 (warm edge)
3 - gasket system
7 - chamber structure
  • B class profiles,
  • A class profiles optionally available,
  • 7-chamber structure,
  • installation depth: 81 mm,
  • manufactured using white, brown, and caramel core,
  • equipped with 3 gaskets,
  • the hardware operates in a so-called dry chamber that provides longer service life,
  • glazing with glass packages up to 54 mm width,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • available with a Classic-line sash,
  • standard device preventing an incorrect handle position (T&T windows),
  • standard microventilation in a corner (T&T windows),
  • standard hardware is equipped with four anti-burglary bolts per sash,,
  • available with a moving or permanent post,
  • multi-step tilt can be installed,
  • with an additional device, the tilt can be adjusted with the handle,
  • recommended for energy efficient construction.

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

If you are looking for energy efficient solutions, we recommend Eko Sun 7 windows. Type seven is recommended for passive construction. Triple sealing system provides excellent insulation properties. Using the third gasket enabled us to create a so-called dry chamber which contains hardware. The hardware is not exposed to moisture, thus having a longer service life. Installation depth of 81 mm provides great glazing possibilities. We recommend using a three-pane glass package and an insulating spacer.

Insulating spacers are made of complex insulating material, improving the insulation properties and reducing the risk of temporary condensation of water vapour that may freeze during the winter season. This may cause ice accretion around the seals. Moreover, insulating spacers guarantee long-time air tightness of insulated glass panes and minimisation of heat loss by reducing the thermal bridge at the frame-pane joint.

You can also go one step further and use one of the latest products offered by our company – Climaplus 4S panes with a selective coating. In summer they let twice as little solar energy through into the building, while providing a barrier for escaping heat during winter. Climaplus 4S panes are recommended in particular for façades with large glazing area on the south, south-west, and south-east side of the building.

Perfect thermal and acoustic properties are not the only features of Eko Sun 7 windows. Large chambers enable us to use rigid steel enforcement, providing excellent structure stability. Recommended for both single-family and multi-family housing.

Seven gives you great possibilities – both functional and aesthetic. Windows are becoming increasingly popular decorative elements of the façade or interior. Selection of the veneer colour and structure is essential to provide joinery with an individual character. We offer a wide variety of colours of both smooth and woodgrain finish. Thanks to the technology applied by our company, the profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula.

Eko Sun 7 can be installed with a moving post as well. It is worth considering not only due to its extraordinary appearance, but also because it is a very practical solution. A moving post is an element of the window structure, permanently attached to a sash. It enables us to enjoy unrestricted daylight in our interiors, since there is no post in the middle of an open window.

Burglars are familiar with a great number of ways to get into any building. Usually they try to enter through windows. We offer a wide variety of accessories in order to improve their anti-burglary class. Eko Sun 7 are excellent when it comes to this area.

Standard Eko Sun 7 windows are equipped with rich hardware. The standard version includes two anti-burglary bolts and anti-burglary pins with an adjustable clamp. They ensure optimum level of protection. A device preventing an incorrect handle position (standard in tilt and turn windows) guarantees safety of use.

We can use WK1 or WK2 class hardware at a customer's request. In order to improve the anti-burglary properties, consider installing a Hoppe Secustik handle with a lock. Hoppe Secustik handles are equipped with a patented blocking mechanism (an integrated basic protective device) which prevents the window from being opened from the outside. Additional protection in the form of a key and a lock guarantees that nobody will open the window from the inside as well.

In order to improve the anti-burglary class even more, you can use safety glass panes, tempered glass, reed relays, and alarm loops. Reed relays are magnetic sensors that trigger the alarm when the position of the circumferential hardware is changed. The alarm loop will be activated after a pane is broken or damaged.

Very frequently the only way to provide appropriate ventilation in a room is to install ventilators. Even when closed, such ventilators provide a continuous flow of fresh air. We offer a wide range of pressurehumidity-sensitive, and pane-mounted ventilators.

If you need effective protection against mosquitoes, consider installing a mosquito net. We provide frameslidingdoor-type, and rolled mosquito nets to meet all your requirements.

Outer roller blinds provide intimacy and protection against weather condition and burglars. Depending on the construction stage, you can select from among top-mounted concealed, and adaptation roller blinds

Standard hardware can be equipped with additional elements that improve its functionality. A tilt brake controlled with the handle is definitely worth your attention. After turning the handle downwards at 45 degrees, you can firmly block an open sash at a selected width. The mechanism enables you to aerate the room without any risk that a sudden gust will close the window.

All tilt and turn windows are equipped with microventilation in a corner as a standard. To ensure better comfort, we recommend installing a multi-step tilt device which enables you to adjust the tilt angle. A brake in the handle is also pretty interesting. It enables you to block the open sash in any position.

In order to prevent the window for opening wide while enabling the tilt function, so called "English tilt" hardware should be used.