Wooden doors

Our wooden exterior doors are manufactured from the best-quality materials and definitely are a practical and durable solution for many houses. Customers can choose from any door designs and patterns included in our offer. We provide safety and durability with a choice of locks and door lock cover plates as well as supplementary anti-burglary accessories.


We offer to execute wooden door systems based on the best-quality Naturo profiles, which are available in the following thickness: 68mm, 76mm and 92mm.

  • Width of door leaf rails - 140 mm
  • Layered plywood
  • An aluminium threshold  - 20mm
  • A seal made of thermoplastic materials resistant to aging
  • Door hardware: a GU three point lock with a solid door strike
  • a Hoppe handle with an oblong backplate (spacing of 92mm)

Each door can be equipped with aesthetic elements such as: a door knocker, a door viewer, door pulls (Wala or London), an insert lock with a knob, rosettes and milled and convex panels.

Since a proper way of securing doors is our top priority, we have adapted our doors in such a way that various lock and insert lock systems can be installed:


  • A three point lock with an additional lock (SECURY MR2 2PZ)
  • A three point hook bolt lock (SH2)
  • A three point Secury Automatic lock (Automatic A2)
  • A five point lock (SECURY MR4)
  • An electric door opening (a fingerprint, a digital keypad, a card)
  • Anti-panic door hardware
  • Electric door strikes

Insert locks:

  • Unified
  • With an emergency opening option
  • BKS locks
  • Door closers
  • Electric latches
  • An automatic door bottom seal
  • A letter box
  • An animal flap door