Ideal 5000

Windows that combine an innovative design with very good technical parameters. The system with a triple sealing and optionally available with a lower frame that enables to let in more light into every and any room.

0.83 - Uw for Ug=0.5 (warm edge)
1.16 - Uw for Ug=1.0 (warm edge)
R - Renovation
A - Aluclad
3 - gasket system
5 - chamber structure
  • a "B" class profile,
  • a 5-chamber structure,
  • the profile depth: 70 mm,
  • as a standard, open steel 1,5 mm thick,
  • the fittings function in the so-called dry chamber – thereby their lifespan has be extended,
  • as a standard, a blockage against handle misplacement (turn-tilt windows),
  • as a standard our sash is equipped with two anti-burglary pins,
  • a possible Slim frame version,
  • a white and brown core,
  • the three-gaskets system,
  • a 41 mm wide glazing unit,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1.1]*,
  • available in the versions with a straight and semi-flush sash,
  • optional Aluskin aluminium shells,
  • a possibility to use concealed hinges,
  • a possibility to install a handle in the central part of a semi-flush sash.

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Investment in the so-called "warm windows" is an expense that will pay off. If you would like to be sure that the windows will satisfy your expectations as far as thermal and acoustic insulation is concern, it is necessary to choose carefully not only a profile, but also recommended accessories.

Window based on the Ideal 5000 system with a profile depth of 70 mm that enables to use glazing units even 41 mm wide. In the standard version our windows are equipped with two panes and can be upgraded to triple-glazed units. This upgrade will definitely allows to decrease the termal transmittence coefficient. It should also be kept in mind that the lower the coefficient is, the higher savings on bills for thermal energy. An additional element that will enable to decrease Uw is a warm edge spacer. Warm edge spacers are made of composite insulating material that improves panes' insulation and reduces the risk of appearing temporary water vapour, which can freeze in winter and therefore there may appear ice on the seals. Moreover, warm edge spacers guarantee long-lasting thightness of insulated glass and maximise savings of thermal energy loss by reduction of a thermal bridge in a place of meeting a profile with a pane.

A wider profile, a triple-glazed unit and a warm edge spacer are the elements, which influence not only thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation. In order to ensure that a window will suppress the outside sounds, it ought to be constructed with a profile at least 70 mm wide. It should also include at least three gaskets. With regard to the fact that a window should protect against noise, a perfect solution is certainly a window produced with the use of the Ideal 5000 system. The acoustics of a window also depends on a glazed unit. We recommend to those looking for soundproof windows incorporating a special sound-absorbing panes. They provide the highest level of protection against noise.

Original and stylish windows that go beyond the schemes and standard solutions? The Ideal 5000 system gives you great opportunities. By choosing one of its variants and adding supplementary accessories, you may obtain an amazing decoration that you will be pleased with for many years.

The stylish look of your rooms and lighting them up can be achieved with the use of Ideal 5000 Slim. The Slim frame version can be applied in both in the Soft-line version (a straight sash) and Round-line (a rounded sash). It is 70 mm high and is lower than the standard one also used in this system. A user therefore gains a larger glazing area. A significant aspect that may influence your choice of the Slim version is that we use closed steel in the frame in the standard version.

The basic element that we should take into account when buying windows is a choice of a verneer colour. It will undoubtedly enchance an individual look of our windows. All windows produced with the use of the Ideal 5000 system are available in a wide range of smooth and wood-like colours. You can go for one-sidedtwo-sided and duo-colour verneer options.

An extremely interesting look of windows in the basic version of the Ideal 5000 system can be achieved by the use of aluminium shells - Aluskins. This solution is highly praised by customers in Western Europe and enhances not only an individual character of the windows, but also increases their thermal and acoustic properties. Furthermore, Aluskins are also available in a wide range of non-standard colours to the ones usually designed for PVC joinery. Our aluminium skins may be produced in any RAL colour and in our offer you will also find a wide range of textured paints.

The safety for our windows is provided by most of all the things invisible to the naked eye - their hardware. Our windows are equipped with a larger number of anti-burglar latches, a blockage against handle turn, an anti-burglary plate and hinges with the increased resistance that will make the structure obtain the optimum protection against burglary. We also offer fittings that meet the requirements of the classes WK1 oraz WK2.

We equip windows based on the Ideal 5000 system with Maco Multi-Matic fittings. However, a choice of fittings depends on individual needs and requirements of a customer. In the standard version our window is equipped with two anti-buglar latches per sash and pins impeding breaking in with a compression adjustment. A significant element is also an inner central compression  lock. The lock ensures not only safety, but also light window sash functioning. As our standard all our fittings for turn-tilt windows are equipped with a blockage against handle misplacement that is integrated with a sash lifter.

If there is an alarm installed in the building, then we recommend to equip a window with reed switches or alarm loops in the pane. A reed switch is a magnetic sensor of a window opening that will activate the alarm when window fittings will change their position. An alarm loop will go off when a pane is broken or in case other interference in its structure.

Our windows may also be equipped with safety or tempered glass. If safety is one of your highest priorities, you should also go for Hoppe Secustik handles with a key. The handles are equipped with a patented blocking mechanism, which increases the window safety against the so-called "intelligent break-in".

Is it possible to install new PVC windows without dismantling old window frames?

Yes, it is!

With the use of the Ideal 5000 system we produce extremely functional renovation windows.These windows have a specially constructed frame with the so-called masking section, which creates an aesthetic band on the inner side of the installed window. It is possible to add special enclosing profiles on the exterior side. The installation of renovation windows does not require dismantling old window frames. Thus, the threat of damaging a building facade as well as the time necessary for the installation of windows are both limited to the necessary minimum.


  • a 5-chamber system,
  • the profile depth: 70 mm,
  • a renovation strip 65 mm high with a possibility of cutting to the required dimensions,
  • a white or brown core,
  • the system equipped with 3 seals,
  • a glazed unit wide up to 41 mm.

When choosing a window you can go from a wide range of colours, through glazed units and then to accessories. Optionally, you can choose from a variety of functional fittings and modern handles.

Our offer of fittings provides plenty of possibilities. Our windows can be equipped with fittings with the increased resistance to break-inswindow stoppersa brake in a handlea graded tiltmicro ventilation or an English-style tilt with the TBT system handle. In this case fittings are constructed in a way that the window cannot be opened with a tilt function set simultaneously. This solution is especially popular among parents as it provides an airing option with a guarantee that a child will not open the window.

The basic element that enables to control a window is undoubtedly a handle. In this case the choice is also wide - between simple ones to the more complex ones.

If your first priorities are the safety of your loved ones and the quality of the air inside your house, we recommend to choose air ventilators from our offer. They will level the amount of humidity in a room. We offer a wide range of pressure air-vents, controlled by a humidity sensor, on-frame and glazed-on ones.