PVC exterior doors

We produce our exterior doors with the use of PVC profiles of renowned suppliers. In this way customers receive the best thermal parameters and energy efficiency for a window as well as all the benefits of a glazed entrance.

We base our production of PVC exterior doors on the most popular window and door systems from our offer where you can find both basic models at a competetive price and also energy efficient models of premium class. In our PVC door production process we use the newest production technologies as well as components coming from reputable manufacturers.


PVC exterior doors are available in the following systems:

  • Aluplast: Ideal 4000, Ideal 5000 and Ideal 8000
  • Salamander: Streamline 76 and BluEvolution 92
  • Eko Sun 70

Available versions:

  • a system with an aluminium threshold and a thermal strip
  • a system without a threshold with a door bottom seal
  • with an additional sealing brush in the lower part of the leaf

All standard versions include a three point lock (bolted with a key).

Additional anti-burglary pins can optionally be installed.

PVC doors are available with veneers of Aluplast, Salamander and Eko Sun (depending on the used profile).

Aluplast veneers: Ideal 4000, Ideal 5000 and Ideal 8000

Salamander veneers: Streamline 76 and BluEvolution 92

Eko Sun veneers: Eko Sun 70

We recommend a wide range of supplementary products improving the safety such as an insert lock with a knob and additional anti-burglary pins.

There are also available accessories enhancing aesthetics of the doors:

  • sandblasted glass,
  • aluminium handles,
  • door pulls,
  • INOX handles.