Ideal 7000 New

Energy efficient windows are produced with the use of the most advanced technologies. This is our reply to the growing requirements in the scope of thermal insulation of window joinery. The system is equipped with exterior sealing.

0.93 - Uw for Ug=0.7 (warm edge)
1.06 - Uw for Ug=1.0 (warm edge)
2 - gasket system
6 - chamber structure
  • a "B" class profile,
  • a 6-chamber structure,
  • the profile depth: 85 mm,
  • as a standard: 1,5 mm thick open steel,
  • as a standard: a blockage against handle misplacement (turn-tilt windows),
  • fittings in the standard version are equipped with two anti-burglary pins per sash,
  • the Ultradur High Speed reinforcement can optionally be used in a frame,
  • a white and brown core,
  • the system is equipped with two gaskets,
  • optional concealed hinges,
  • glazed units up to the width of 51 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • available in versions with a straight window,
  • the system compatible with the Ideal 8000 system,
  • recommended for energy efficient buildings.

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Modern architecture requires the new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic scopes. Windows based on the 7000 New system are a new approach to energy efficiency. It is also a breakthrough in the production of PVC windows. The "powerdur inside" technology creates new opportunities and allows to remove a steel reinforcement from the frame. One of the opportunities of this system is replacing the frame steel reinforcement with special thermoplastic inserts strengthened with the polymer Ultradur High Speed. Eliminating steel from the frame means a simultaneous elimination of thermal bridges thereby obtaining even better parameters of thermal transmittance of the sections.

A profile with the frame depth of 85 mm also gives a great opportunity to choose a glazed unit. As our standard version a window is equipped with a double-glazed unit. However, if the unit is upgraded to the triple-glazed one, it will achieve the thermal transmittance coeffcient Uw of 0,88W/m2K. To customers who value the thermal comfort we would definitely recommend warm edge spacers, which will not only improve the thermal parameters of a pane, but also reduce a risk of a temporary condensation of water vapour.

Furthermore, we suggest to look into one of the newest products in our offer. The Climaplus 4S panes with a selective layer that is a completely new innovation, which will ensure lower bills for heating and also smaller expenses on air conditioning on warm days. The pane, due to the special layer, lets in significantly less solar energy and therefore it is much easier to keep a pleasant temperature in the room in summer. While in winter the Climaplus 4S pane will be a barrier against the heat escaping outside. The panes are particularily recommended for buildings with large glazing panels from the south, south-west and south-east.

Proper room ventilation can be a significant factor for health of people spending time in the room. The most effective way to improve ventilation of rooms is installing air ventilators. They in an imperceptible way let a stream of fresh air into the room. We recommend pressure ventilators or the ones controlled by a humidity sensor - both included in our offer. The latter ones function in an automatic way and they do not require more engagement in their operating therefore they are a much more convenient solution. Our vents are installed in the upper part of a window.

When taking into account a constant access to fresh air, one ought to look into other solutions included in our offer that mostly cover the so-called graded tilt. The precisely designed structure enables to set a window sash at a few different positions - from a minimum trickle ventilation position up to a tilt. Thanks to this function, a user gains a possibility to regulate the intensity of ventilation - depending on a need, preferences and the outside weather conditions. Moreover, in our standard versions all our turn-tilt windows on offer have micro ventilation in their corner.

When we make sure that our window has all its major functions, it is time to draw our attention to its aesthetic features. We recommend our solution due to the practical and aesthetic factors and therefore a movable mullion is definitely the right choice. It is an alternative to a fixed mullion. In case of windows, a movable mullion will provide an extra space when the window is open without any visible division as the mullion is fixed to one of the window sashes.

Windows based on the 7000 New system are equipped with Maco Multi-Matic fittings. Choosing the type of fitting still depends on individual needs and requirements of a customer. In our standard version a window has two antiburglar latches per sash and pins impeding break-ins with a compression adjustment function.  Our turn-tilt windows are also equipped with a blockage against handle misplacement in our standard version and which is integrated with a sash lifter. Optionally, the fitting can be equipped with additional elements that will upgrade it to the higher class of resistance to break-ins. Additionally, it is recommended to go for handles with a key, which will make it extremely difficult to open the window from the outside.

To those customers whose first priority is their safety, we certainly recommend to go for panes with the break-in resistance class of P2 (two glass panes and two layers of the film) and P4 (two glass panes and four layers of the film). It is worth mentioning that a P4 pane is recognised by insurance companies as a sufficient protection, which results in lowering an insurance premium by even 10%. For that reason alone windows equipped with the panes with the P4 class of resistance to burglary should be installed in not only public buildings, but also in single-family housing.

An additional security device can be reed switches, which are magnetic window opening sensors, as well as alarm loops in the glazing. The first solution will activate the alarm at the moment of replacing the fitting around the window. The latter will however go off just after breaking the pane or interfering its structure.

The safety factors will definitely be increased by the so-called English-style titl with a TBT handle. In this case the fitting was constructed in such a way to impede opening a window any time with a simultaneous titl option available.

Obtaining proper usage and functional parameters of windows is possible due to appropriate accessories. In order to obtain the lower thermal transmittance coefficient of a window, it is advisable to go for warm edge spacers. The practicality and usablity of their application when creating glazed units results from the fact that they prevent the extensive lowering of a window temperature from the outer side. The material used for warm edge spacers allows to reduce the occurance of water vapour condesation on the window pane.

If the health of people being inside a building is one of our priorities, windows ought to have ventilators installed. Their main task is to enable the air flow from the outside, which results in its circulation. Due to the use of vents we are able to control the humidity level inside the building and prevent the occurence of mould and fungus. Their installation is also especially important in order to ensure our safety. Ventilators are absolutely necessary in rooms where there are gas furnaces, fireplaces, tiled stoves and gas cookers.

Investors who would like their windows to obtain a more elegant look should choose muntins as they mainly serve a decorative role. Our offer includes a wide range of internal muntins and stick-on muntins. Depending on a chosen type of muntins, they are placed between the glass panes or sticked on the pane surface.

If you would like to increase the aesthetic aspects of your windows, you should go for Multi-Power hardware such as concealed fittings. They are hidden in the rebate and completely invisible when the window is closed. What is more, the tracks of a movable mullion may also be hidden as well as drive shafts, hinges and other functional elements. Thanks to the use of these solutions, a window will gain an elegant look and a balanced composition. Except for aesthetic aspects of concealed hinges, their practical features are equally significant. The user obtains amongst many a possibility of 3D control option with an integrated adjustment of the window opening width.