Roka-Top 2RG

A roller shutter solution with a very sophisticated design, intended for both new and refurbishment projects. The improvements from the previous generation ensure superior performance, including a full seal across the curtain surface and between the window and the guide rails, even in heavy rain. A premium advantage is that the box can be fully concealed under the plasterwork for a flush, neat and eye-appealing finish. This system is an advanced and highly functional solution thanks to the box end profile and the PVC reinforcing shape within the insulation wedge piece.

Shutter sections: Aluminium PU-foam filled sections

Box form: square

Box design: EPS (Styropor)

Curtain type: aluminium

Access hatch: from the outside down

Guide rails: aluminium

Installation anchor bolts: yes

Weather-resistant: yes

Sound-proof: yes

Thermal insulation: yes

Drive: electric motor or manual gear

Roller insect screen: no

The permanent joint at the box keeps the installation perfectly sealed on the indoor side.

The PVC shape for installation of the window frame with an improved stability comes with a steel reinforcement system for a better torsional strength.

The Neopor insulator improves the thermal insulation performance.