Energeto 8000

We replace steel with plastic and paste the glass in the wing. The warmest window in the most modern version. As standard, windows made based on the Energeto 8000 system are made in V-Perfect technology.

0.74 - Uw for Ug=0.5 (warm edge)
3 - gasket system
6 - chamber structure
  • "B" class profile,
  • 6-chamber construction,
  • building depth 85 mm,
  • width of the frame/wing set 119 mm,
  • Ultradur High Speed reinforcement,
  • middle seal (3 gaskets),
  • internal clamps as standard,
  • six anti-burglary points in the standard,
  • in the standard blockade of the incorrect position of the handle,
  • profiles in the standard combined in V-Perfect technology,
  • panes paste to the wing using the "bonding inside" technology,
  • glazing with packets up to 51 mm wide,
  • standard glazing package 4th/18Ar/4/18Ar/4th [Ug=0,5]*,
  • profiles available in the classic-line style,
  • system compatible with other systems with a width of 85 mm,
  • possibility of mounting Aluskin covers,
  • recommended for energy-saving and passive construction.

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

As a standard, glass packets in windows made based on the Energeto 8000 system are pasted to the wing using the "bonding inside" technology. This solution makes the pane become a structural element of the window. The adhesive is applied on the whole perimeter of the pane, thanks to which it is permanently connected to the sash and finds support on the entire plane. This technology allows to sink the glass in the sash profile a little more than the standard, so you can get rid of the thermal bridge formed at the point of contact of profile and glass, and thus the effect of condensation on the glass pane.

The windows made based on the Energeto 8000 system are equipped with the Maco Multi-Matic fitting. In standard the window has six anti-burglary points and internal clamps. We complement all fittings for tilt & turn windows in the blockade of the incorrect position of the handle. It is integrated with the wing lift.

The huge advantage of using Energeto 8000 to produce windows is their compatibility with all systems with a width of 85 mm from the Aluplast family.

Windows created based on the Energeto 8000 system is a completely new approach to energy efficiency. It is also a breakthrough in the production of PVC windows. Ultradur High Speed technology creates new opportunities, which allows to remove steel reinforcement from the frame. As standard, the steel reinforcement in the frame is replaced with special plastic inserts. The elimination of steel from the frame is also the elimination of thermal bridges. It is also possible to obtain even better thermal transmittance parameters of sections. In combination with the bonding technology the static parameters are even better.

Profiles with a depth of 85 mm also create great opportunities for choosing a glazing unit. By using a packet with Ug = 0.6 with a warm spacer bar, Uw windows are only 0.74 W/m2K. The parameters apply to a reference one-wing window with dimensions 1.23 x 1.48 m.

Windows in the Energeto 8000 system are made in standard using the V-Perfect technology. Connections are made without the flow of excess screed, thanks to which the window corners gain an extremely aesthetic appearance. The place of connecting profiles becomes virtually invisible. It is also worth paying attention to the interior. After opening the wings, the profiles are thoroughly cleaned. In V-Perfect technology, we combine both white and veneered profiles.

Another interesting and extremely aesthetic solution is the Maco Multi-Power covered fitting. The fitting is hidden in the groove and completely invisible with the wing closed. The rails of the movable post, drive rods, hinges and other functional elements can be hidden. Thanks to this treatment, the window gains an elegant look, and the composition itself becomes extremely balanced.

For customers looking for innovative solutions, we can optionally recommend Aluskin aluminium covers. Thanks to them, the window will gain the finish typical for aluminium windows. Aluskin is a full range of colours, completely atypical for PVC joinery. Overlays can take any colour from the RAL palette.