This roller shutter system features a unique box with a 45-degree slope on the outside. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer a bold finish with sharp lines. These roller shutters are intended for direct wall mounting or, with a universal adapter, within the window recesses.


Box shape

Box dimensions

Max. box width

Min. box width:









Sloped aluminium

180 x 180 mm

205 x 205 mm

 5000 mm  500 mm

Slat shapes





C80 C80F

  • Access hatch: 1, on the window outside,
  • Guide rails: aluminium,
  • Weather-resistant,
  • Roller insect screen: optional accessory,
  • installed on the curtain inner side.

Blind overall height (w/box) [mm]

Powered Handoperated
Access recess 175 1500 1700
  200 2500 2750

 SKEF   C80  
Powered Handoperated 
Access recess 175 820 1050
  200 1250 1500