Pleated mosquito net MPH Harmony

Designed to provide space savings. Dedicated to mount in patio doors and balcony recesses. The width of the pleated mosquito net goes up to 4 meters.
  • maximum wing width up to 4 meters
  • use of a special pleated net
  • the net closes in a harmonica and hide in the side profile
  • construction made of extruded aluminum
  • possibility to separately adjust each of the strings
  • use of a low threshold
  • works with roller shutter systems using the PPMO 53 runner
  • optimal use of space
  • modern and aesthetic appearance
  • incredible assembly simplicity

System of the pleated mosquito net MPH Harmony is available in the following colours:

  • white
  • dark
  • brown
  • anthracite gray
  • walnut
  • golden oak

Pleated mosquito net MPH Harmony is above all an amazing saving of space. Mounted on patio doors or in balcony recesses, when closing, it sets into a harmonica and hide in the side profile. The MPH system is also a great functionality in opening and closing - a characteristic feature is extremely smooth move, which makes the usage simple and does not require a lot of effort. What's more, thanks to its construction, the mosquito net can be stopped in any position.

The advantage of the system is also the use of a low threshold, which does not make it difficult to move between rooms. The mosquito net is made of extruded aluminum, which makes it durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions. The mosquito net was designed to collides seamlessly with the roller shutter system using the PPMO 53 runner. An additional advantage of the MPH mosquito netting is undoubtedly the ease and simplicity of assembly, thanks to which the blind can be installed without much effort.